Sunday, April 13, 2014

Rose + Drew: a wedding celebration of the best sorts

The south keeps pulling me back and I don't see that stopping any time soon. I have been home from my Alabama/Louisiana/Tennessee trip almost as long as I was gone, 2 weeks. There is a constant new type of catch up battle where it has become harder and harder to stay on top of photos when I am working on not traveling with a computer and spending more time off-line.

New Orleans is always a dream. It's not the city I once lived in when I was 23, the neighborhoods are changed, the vibe of parts the city has shifted drastically but the underlying energy is there. The obvious often gets lost in the shuffle these days and this trip was a reminder that as I get older the time spent together with my extended taken family only begins to mean more and more. The best part of traveling to weddings at this time of our lives is getting to reconnect, albeit always a little frantic and sometimes tipsy with drink. I found myself looking around over the weekend at various events swelling with love. Thankful for where I have come to with all these amazing folks. Thankful to be in the presence of so much amazingness. Seeing old faces, meeting new one's and filling in the gaps of the years and space in-between this time spent together. We cram it all in always. What a celebration. What time well spent. What an honor to be a part of something so beautiful.

"To chase the glowing hours with flying feet." -Lord Byron

*view more wedding photos HERE

Wednesday, March 12, 2014


Maureen, Lauren & I have been planning a retreat to the desert since late last year. Just a quick trip to warm our Wisconsin bones. Even though I got slammed with vicious food poisoning the trip was an amazing time and served it purpose. So much blue sky. Joshua Tree. Palm Springs. Salton Sea. Salvation Mountain. Bombay Beach. I will be finding the desert in my future more frequently in the next few years. Fact.

Tuesday, February 4, 2014


Two weeks ago after 6 weeks away I took the Amtrak from Seattle to Milwaukee with the luxury of a sleeper car (thanks mom!) As my life often seems to dish out wild synchronicity it just so happened  the director Albert Maysles was shooting a documentary about train travel on the trip. We had a late night on camera discussion about inspiration, process and never retiring if you are continually inspired. I also crossed paths with artist Angela Zammarelli & her dude (wrote your name down & now can't find it...classic) which was nice to talk with some like minded folks over breakfast in the dining car. My wild hair decision to throw a party the day after I got back for all the women in my life to fill my home with amazingness panned out to be a very good decision. Cortney pointed out the next day that there was only a single photo posted on the internet from all night (by yours truly) which seemed to logically point at the fact so much conversation was happening no one was on their phones. One of the best observations and compliments a hostess could get. Let me tell you that the volume of 20+ women all catching up can be something else.  And why not take an immediate weekend winter adventure with Kelsey to to see Cate Le Bon in Madison & catch the Anonymous Choir perform in Minneapolis.

2014 the year to reconnect and draw all sorts of amazingness closer is off to a very good start. 

1. Montana
2. Albert Maysles
3. LA la LADIES [semi visible in the back ground is the best ever -- HOLY SHIT WELCOME HOME FAYTHE banner by Lauren Landa]
4. Le Tigre Bar, Madison WI
5. Anonymous Choir singing Neil Young's After the Gold Rush in Minneapolis, MN

I'm about to press continue for more.